ABC was established in 1999.
We have been focused on understanding various needs of our customers,including the manufacture of key components in need as well as solutions to technical challenges.

The components we produced are usually invisible to people,they are installed in larger structures, machines,vehicles and various types of equipment where they play a vital role of functionality.For example:sealing,shock absorption,noise reduction, chemical resistant,etc. Therefore, our products are indispensable. We manufacture high-precision components which enable the whole world to operate continuously. Our employees make progress with high and vigorous spirits to help customers trace the source of problems and provide durable solutions.

We pursue our goal of meeting customers' demands with accuracy,playing a key role and building a strong reputation, which will become the characteristic of Ambition Precision Technology.

Always keeping up with the times,we consider our customers' demands as our mission and accompany them towards a brighter future.